• The product which has to be sold by our Franchise is Easy Online Website Builder Package which is in high demand in market. Charges for online Easy Online Website Builder Package is Rs 999 per year(@Rs 84 per month) to any business client. 24/7 support for business client is included in this amount for 1 year.
  • After being our Franchise you need to contact or approach business or interested persons to have a website and give them a demo or presentation about our Easy Online Website Builder Package [we will train you how to approach businesses and interested persons]. If a party or a person is interested we can help you to convince them.
  • You can sell our Easy Online Website Builder Package at any cost you want like Rs 2000, Rs 4000 etc per year with your own Brand/Company Name. You just have to deposit Rs 999 into your bank account for each client of yours for each Easy Online Website Builder Package. Plus you are entitled for recurring income from the same client when they renew our Easy Online Website Builder Package for 2nd year and so on. Means second year also you just have to deposit Rs 999 and charge your client Rs 2000, Rs 4000 etc. So every year your income from all your clients is guaranteed.
  • The people with basic computer knowledge with a laptop and a wireless internet can be our Franchise. You can even start from your own house.
  • Free subdomain website will be provided for registered franchise in their company or brand name to help them in sales.

To become our Franchise you need pay a registration fee of Rs 1000/- which is refundable on our terms and conditions. We will send you all promotional materials like Easy Online Website Builder Package software brochures, intro letters, visiting cards in your name and Franchise Certificate. Rs 1000/- will be refunded as soon as you get first 5 website clients.

Our Easy Online Website Builder Package combines all aspects and functionalities to create a professional website. With a very high level of security and user friendly functional modules, our Easy Online Website Builder Package is the best and easy tool for any kind of business to design a website and keep it updated easily.

Income Assumption after being Our Franchise:

On an average you can get around 20 business clients per month, this way within three years you will have 720 business clients under your Franchise area.

This way your earning per month as per present software charges shall be approx Rs1000x60=Rs60,000. Once you are a Franchise of a particular district/city no other Franchise will be appointed in that area. You will be a active Franchise once you get the Franchise Certificate, after you have deposited/transfered Rs 1000/- to our bank account.

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If a Client approaches us directly for Easy Online Website Builder Package from any of our alloted Franchise's area/city/district, we will strictly ask them to contact respective Franchise of that area/city/district. We wont entertain any payment if the Client insists to pay us directly by any means without the knowledge of the Franchise of that area/city/district.

For Dedicated Consulting for Easy Online Website Builder Franchise Call +(91)8880808003 (On Week Days Only - Between 9AM to 5PM)